I reviewed Michael L.’s website and think it looks really great! In fact, I really only had 2 suggestions for him: to reduce his About Me page to include a summary of his credentials and experience, as many employers will not be interested to read a lengthy biography; and to include some type of visual to his home page to create some dimension and interest. Otherwise, I thought his website was really professional!

One of the more interesting points made in the text is the importance of finding balance the use of understanding and authority when parenting an adolescent. Based on my own experience, this could not be more true. My adolescent experience included inconsistent parenting methods between my dad and his second wife and a lot of figuring things out on my own. Fortunately, I did okay for myself as far as developing a pretty solid moral compass, compassion for others, and a drive that has gotten me through a lot of things, but the lack of consistency led to a number of questionable decisions and learning the hard way. The one thing parents did agree on was the importance of an education, and school is where I exceled. My drive to do well in school and my discomfort with disappointing my parents, inspired me to focus more on school than socializing, which the text encourages as a goal of parenting. A characteristic I still possess today, though I am much better at balancing school and my social life.

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