Although gender neutrality has become more widespread in today’s society, some very restrictive messages regarding gender roles still exist. For example, according to the text, males are still expected to be less emotional than women. This message can often create emotional hardships for males, as they may feel “weak” when expressing their emotions. Further, this can impact women’s self-esteem by making them feel that their outward display of emotions makes them “weak.” Additionally, there is the expectation for men and women to follow certain career paths, such as men in business or science fields and women in teaching or caregiving positions. While this expectation is not as dividing as it once was, it still creates barriers for women in the business world and judgement toward men in caregiving positions.

Fortunately, our society has begun to promote gender neutrality from birth, choosing yellow and green for their baby’s room instead of blue or pink. Additionally, parents have become less strict about how gender-specific the toys their children play with are, letting young boys play with Barbie and girls with balls. Going forward, it would be nice to see this pattern in parenting expanded to include promoting healthy display of emotions in all children, regardless of gender.

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