I took 10 minutes the other day, in complete silence, to myself…and it was amazing. I am actually quite interested in mindfulness practices and try to implement them into my life as often as possible, but life often gets in the way. Over time, I have become quite practiced as meditative breathing, body scanning, and relaxation. The most recent experience, of a few day ago, reminded me of the importance of taking those 10 minutes to dissolve the stress of daily life, and reminded me that I should allow myself those 10 minutes more often.

The previously mentioned exercise is very closely related to one of the most important points I am taking from this class: self-care. Stress is an ugly and destructive monster that can lead to a variety of mental and physical health concerns. But more importantly, it diminishes one’s quality of life. With that said, whether it be meditation, exercise, or bungee jumping, it is critical for people to allow themselves time to enjoy life. Self-care is particularly important for people in helping professions, as we tend to experience burnout a little more frequently, and a little more quickly than most other professions.

The second lesson I will take with me from this class is the importance of understanding where people are at in their life cycle, and how critically that impacts their current state. Going forward, remembering to pay attention to where my clients are at in life, and what they may have already been through, will be extremely useful in providing the best quality of care.

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